Design Epilogue

Flagship Store - Sinsa

The Start of Design

The Start of Design

First flagship store of a brand, what should we keep in mind the most to design the furniture and the objet for that place? If you are a brand that has been building your own color with ideas and troubles, you should well express the identity of the brand you have built so far. Furthermore, the direction of the future should be seen in the first store.
The PROJEKT PRODUKT to me is trendy, but does not simply follow the trend. They have experimental design, but put the users’ comfort on priority. (As a domestic eyewear brand), it is often compared with other brands, but PROJEKT PRODUKT is one of a kind. They talk about essential tendency, balance the design and the quality, and do not miss the luxury but intellectual detail.

The Start of Design

First flagship store of PROJEKT PRODUKT.
This meaningful start was proceeded in collaboration with the upcoming designer Kunsik Choi. Pure aluminum was used to show 'essentialness, coldness, hardness' and the wooden furniture placed in the middle show the opposite concept, 'warmth, and familiarity'. The upholstery textiles in curtains, carpets, and furniture show trend and comfort and they balanced the entire design and quality.

Kunsik Choi

Designer Kunsik Choi is an independent designer working in northern Europe and Korea with his Studio in Malm, Sweden. He studied industrial product design (BA) at Politecnico di Milano University, Italy. After Graduating in 2010, he developed his projects in various design fields such as furniture, installation and fashion show stage design.

Kunsik got a 1st place prize in Muuto talent Awards 2015 (hosted by Danish Furniture brand Muuto) and his table work Boida won 'Notable Honor' from Core77 Design Awards 2017.

Space and Furniture

Space and Furniture

The furniture and the space in the first store is to express the brand core. This store is designed picturing a man who looks cold but is warm-hearted and a woman who looks fancy but has simple mind. The main material of the furniture was made of pure aluminum to show the essentialness, coldness, hardness, and center of gravity and I’ve placed the wooden furniture in the middle to show the opposite concept, warmth and familiarity. Plus, the upholstery textiles in curtains, carpets, and furniture show trend and comfort. The space is divided into three parts.


- Archive Stand
- Archive Bench

This is the space you see first when you enter. If there are special stories among the products of the PROJECT PRODUKT or symbolically representable things from the technology or materials singularity, this is the place to be displayed. The furniture in a commercial space should have(intuitive and) simple concept so that anyone can recognize the feeling easily. The most symbolic expression of the word Archiving was the idea of 'piling’ and ‘piling up’, so I made the furniture with the concept of these words.

Space and Furniture


- Wooden Showcase
- Hand Mirror

As you first paint the complementary color of the desired color to have clearer feeling, you get more emphasized feeling if you put the opposite things together. So, we transformed the format of the classical museum furniture into this showcase where the more trendy and energetic capsule collections and collaborative products will be displayed in.

  • Space and Furniture

    Main Collection Area

    Upstairs, the main collection and the most products are ready to meet the user. We’ve arranged the furniture in this area for the customers to relax and to try the glasses on.

    - W Bench

    The hexagonal aluminum rods were manually pasted one by one, repeatedly, and made into a board shape, then cut it again, and connected into the furniture. From distance, it shows the minimalist form and up close, you can see the properties of metal and the detail of the handwork.

    - Shade Shelf

    A large oval shelf filled with repeating dots, and again the oval repetition. The entire shelf shape was designed as an extension to the front W bench. It is a shelf work using lights and shadows that are transmitted through the furniture collection made by (recombining) basic figures such as circles and ovals.

    - Cold Warm Mirror

    A set of two circular mirrors with dierent light tones. The entire furniture collection of the store was made up of a combination of two opposite feelings (coldness and warmth). Cold warm mirror is the item that shows it the best.

    Space and Furniture

    - Standing Shelf

    When you see this standing shelf from outside, you feel like the ladder is connected to the ceiling. The ladder showing the image of the ascension and the unstable circular base stimulate the curiosity of the passers-by.

    - Standing Mirror Light

    It was designed in the same language as the Standing shelf, and make he product and the customers’ face stand out by shining the light to the eyes of the person wearing the glasses.

    - Wooden Storage

    Like a central database, it is a space for storing the products that are not displayed outside. It can contain 144 products in 16 drawers. It is a cube shaped, heavy but has simple design and gives details in the edge treatment and the to the form of handle.

    Space and Furniture

    Standing Shelf / Standing Mirror Light

    Shade Shelf / Wooden Storage

    Space and Furniture

    Communication Space and Furniture :

    - Reception

    Customers and staffs share the short time closely at the reception, by doing fitting, product packaging, making payment and so on. It has the same design language as other furniture, but it is designed to be bigger and rounded so that it gives more intimate atmosphere. Also with the leather point on top, where the glasses are placed, reception added more warm feeling. The functional part is important, so we’ve checked the list of fittings in need (fittings, heaters, washers, tools) and the size and have built the inside of the reception according to that.

    - Terrace

    The terrace is designed to have unexpectedness, warmth and freshness of a small park found in an unexpected place. I finished the design by arranging the opposite color match, craft feeling tiles, and the smooth curved furniture.

    Those who’ve participated in the production

    To fully re-create the design, professionals have participated in this project. I proceed the production by visiting multiple factories in Mullae-dong, Seoul, where metal-related factorie are gathered. Metal craftsmen, Park Sung hyun and Park Eun chong, helped the production. The carpenter Shin Hyun ho from Curious Lab and the great Carpenter Jang Soo yong, Hanok expert, have joined wooden furniture production.


    Archive Bench

    Solid Aluminium


    The Mirror

    Vegetable Leather / Solid Aluminium / Mirror


    Pond Table

    Super Mirror / Polished Stainless Steel


    W Stool

    Solid Aluminium, Lacquered White Oak


    Archive Table

    White Oak


    A Song for Tomorrow

    Artwork : Ardor Unleashed

    Jung Taek Oh

    There lies the possibility of great potential where no one has ever reached, dared to challenge. Prudence crumbles before ardency, so shall disdain kneel before perseverance in the end.

    When the rule of perspective is distorted, dimensional crossover is observed, unfamiliar mixture is disposed, one can break down the wall and shall be entitled to stand against the old mindsets which are fixing the limits and boundaries. Prejudice, bias, stereotypes will collapse when one realizes all is what comes from the mind and starts to see outside the box.

    Each day has its own destiny. Yesterday is history, today is opportunity while tomorrow is mystery. The ardor within us, the inner fire to move forward, the will to encounter with unknowns shall carve our future beyond reasons, beyond logics.


    Beyond Reason : Theory of Imagination

    Beyond Logic : Hypotheses of Daydream